BTV 2006 DVD Menus

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BTV 2006 DVD Menus

Interface Design/ Animation/ Illustration: DVD Menus

In-N-Out Burger


DVD menu design is always an interesting conundrum. I personally am not impressed with animated DVD menus. I don't care about transitions between menu items or looped audio or video in the backgrounds of the menus. I just want it obvious to use and get around.


At the same time I am interested in the design and intuitive feel of any interface, which includes DVD menus. It's what makes the difference between the success of products like beloved Apple computers and the grating, worthless PC counterparts. It's all interface and usability.


For Burger Television's 2006 DVD design, the obvious decision was to base it off of the graphics packaging used for the show titles.


The difference between them, apart from a couple of newly created elements, is that the the DVD Menus do not incorporate the paper texture. One, it's to make the images cleaner for text that is going to change on top of the backgrounds month to month -- making it easier to read. Two, because of the similar elements, I wanted there to be a contrast in tone between the cold menu items and the warm title sequence that would usually follow when the show starts.