City Pages: Hoop Dreams

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City Pages: Hoop Dreams

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I'm not sure of the details, but for some reason it was a rush job. Like, an overnight situation needed the next day. The brain storming for an idea was just as brief. About crushed dreams in sports... hoop dreams... basketball... crushed... shattered on the ground.... GO!


It actually sort of surprises me when I'm actually able to deliver something like this. I had no idea how to make a basketball look like it shattered on the ground! But for whatever reason I knew exactly what I was going for and convinced myself I would get there, and here we are.


It's not necessarily my choice of font, but it's also not my place. I just supplied the art. The illustration was created entirely digitally. All adobe photoshop and a lot of patience. It turned out all right. With a lot more practice, maybe I'll be an illustrator one day.