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BTV 2004 Show Packaging


Title Design/ Animation/ Illustration/ Network Identity: Industrial Video

In-N-Out Burger


In-N-Out has always had a retro/nostalgic thing going for them, which is probably why I do so much work for them. It's just a good fit.


The idea of a comic book concept had floated around for a while, and we decided to go classic, 50s anthology with it. Keep it in pace with In-N-Out's image.


The issue that made this BTV redesign so much larger was that I needed to create a lot of elements. The idea was to make the entire show look like it resided inside of a comic book. Paper textures and bleached inks. The title sequence was going to be an introduction to the world of comics, so a lot of drawings needed to be created.




I'm not much of an illustrator, so I knew it was going to take a long time. And the question was what was I going to draw? This is where I proposed making a custom comic book cover for each month's DVD case. The show comes out monthly and is distributed on DVD and VHS around the company.


Using the elements drawn for the cases, each was scanned at both pencil and ink stages to use in the open. They were then colored and texturized in the computer.