BTV 2004 DVD Menus

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BTV 2004 DVD Menus

Interface Design/ Animation/ Illustration: DVD Menus

In-N-Out Burger


This was the first year we put a concerted effort into bringing the DVD menus into the design, and make them their own design. Not just an after thought.


The entire show packaging, from the show titles to the DVD packaging design, all tied together into comic book themed fun. And when I say tied together, I mean tied together tightly.


Since the need of hand drawn elements arose with the concept, the drawings were done for the DVD cases. Then the those elements were used for the title and graphics packaging. Then it was just common sense to use variations of them all for the DVD titles.


Mostly, the fun part of the DVD menus is the glimpse of a number of the comics in a pile as the camera pushes in on the opening comic book. You have to remember that the associates don't otherwise get to see the comics drawn until each month rolls around. We made sure to hide them here, because we didn't want to ruin the surprise.