Positions of Strength

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Positions of Strength

Director: Music Video



Returning to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a summer trip, I got to work with the fantastic hip-hop band, the Heiruspecs.


I had seen them perform once before, by chance, when they opened up for Mark Mallman at First Avenue. They were an amazing combination of hip-hop, rap, and deeply faceted musicianship, because they actually had real instruments in the band. 


We recruited their need for a music video and used them as the focus of MCAD's SES program. Because of that, we also had a little news crew covering us for a local story.


The video had a sort of homecoming feel behind it, shooting it entirely on location in the high school where the band met, formed, and got their start.


Cinematographer Brian Lesteberg [ www.brianlesteberg.com ] did a fantastic job lighting all the beautiful sets we created and was invaluable in helping manage multiple crews, since we had only one day in the location.


You can also find the video for Positions of Strength on YouTube, where you can leave comments for the band and other fans to see, as well as find other amazing Heiruspecs videos.