Sunshine on the Tenements

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Sunshine on the Tenements

Director: Music Video

 The Idle Hands


It's become an annual event to spend a few weeks in Minneapolis to direct a music video and drag along MCAD's SES program and convince them that all the fun we're having is actually a learning experience.


As years past, it was a lot of fun, but it was the most brutal shoot. The temperatures were hitting 100o, with dozens of extras, and a set that was many, many acres large.


Brain storming with the band for what they wanted to see, we sort of took a huge number of random ideas, threw them in a park, and created a vague story line with a couple of characters so we had some people to lead us through said park.


As a  visual concept, I wanted to create a high-speed look, with the band and main characters moving at their own pace. Real speed, surrounded by chaos.


The park angle was supposed to help out because of all the scheduled sporting events, like softball and soccer leagues buzzing around in the backgrounds. But of course nothing works out the way it should, and the dangerous heat forced all the events cancelled, so there we were alone in the park. It was amazing to see Brian Lesteberg [ ] control the lighting and contribute to making the park feel like it was alive.


While casting for the parts of the young couple, we needed actors who would look young and hip and be able to move realistically, but in slow motion. That way we could speed everything up and they would look like they were moving accurately. In the end, we cast two animators, who seeing them audition, obviously spent years studying how motion fills space. It was amazing to see them in action.