I'd Do Anything for Baby

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I'd Do Anything for Baby

Director: Music Video

The Vibro Champs


This summer I returned to Minneapolis to shoot another music video with another local band. This time around, something a bit more my speed: a rockabilly band!


The Vibro Champs are an amazing rockabilly band that I used to go see all the time when I lived in Minneapolis a million years ago. Since then, the members have  moved all over the world and they descended back on the Twin Cities to reunite for a music video for their new, and possibly last, album together.


Working with the band, they gave us huge creative leeway  and told us just two words: Dark Carnival. From their we hit the ground running, and we were all determined to knock this out of the park.


In a couple of weeks we got crazy locations, acrobats, magicians, shriners, and general actors that auditioned their asses off. This was probably the most fun set I've ever been on, and a huge thanks to Brian Lesteberg [ www.brianlesteberg.com ]for, again, bringing his amazing cinematography to the project. I can't believe we shot this all in one day!