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The Search for Runaround Sue


To help get the word out and help promote my new short film, The Search for Runaround Sue, I finally got around to designing some posters and postcards.


The film takes place in 1962, and is an homage to the old pulp JV novels of the time. Also, as part of it's pastiche, it was filmed to look like it was actually made in 1962, so it was always my intention to make all the promotional materials in the same vein.



The main movie poster was done in a limited palette to reflect inexpensive b-movie posters of the era. Even though the film is in color, all of the stills for the film that appear on the posters are in black and white, with a little tag line on the poster that explains 'a color motion picture...'.



For the promotional cards and smaller posters, I wanted to go with multiples, in case I had to promote the same film to the same people for different reasons. Didn't want it all getting lost in the shuffle.


Since the film moves among three 'couples', the friends, the gang, and the boyfriend and girlfriend, I decided to focus a card on each set with their car. The cars are easily as important characters in this film as the people. Each one of them is designed to look exactly like a paperback pulp novel cover, with a little tag saying it was made into 'A Major Motion Picture'.


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