Surgery Saved My Life Poster

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Surgery Saved My Life Poster

Design: Movie/ Television Poster

Incubator/ 20th Century Fox/ Discovery Channel


Apart from some pick-up graphics work that I did for the Discovery television show, 'Surgery Saved My Life', I was also hired to design a movie poster for the series.


It was a large scale, foam mounted poster for the production offices. The idea that they wanted to hone in on was to do a photo-mosaic of some of the individual characters from the various episodes, using frames from their own episodes.


The idea was simple, but it took DAYS to for my little computer that could to crunch through the enormous number of images. To round out the portraits, I also grabbed interesting stills of the advanced 3-D modeled graphics that had also become a large look to the show.


In the mini-gallery below, you can see various levels of detail to the finished poster. It's a pretty interesting poster to walk past at such a large size.