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Under The Hood

Design/ Illustration: Stationary/ Business Cards

Under the Hood


When producer Sarah Skibitzke [ IMDB ] delved into the world of classic cars, trying to obtain them while producing my own film, The Search for Runaround Sue, she became instantly obsessed with the culture.


As time went by, she realized that all the connections she'd made were not just professional, but personal as well. And so she decided to investigate the lives of some of the people she met by making a documentary film.


In making a documentary, getting the word out is extremely important. And for subjects as this, who get approached constantly, being smart and stylish isn't going to hurt.


As part of the pre-production promotional package  I put together some designs for business cards that she and the producers could pass around. For the secondary part was making stationary for various flyers they would be making and posting around town, which would already have all basic information and contact info included.