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The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe

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The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe


What is a skeptic? It's someone who is skeptical. What are they skeptical of? Anything that isn't or cannot be proven. Skeptical subgroups are atheists, scientists, physicians, and  mentalists, but they cover a broad and mostly vague social component.


It sometimes comes as a surprise to a lot of people that skeptics yearn to find others of a similar mind, and that it's not necessarily an easy prospect because they find themselves as an intellectually curious minority. This is where the podcast, 'the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe' comes in!


The SGU is put on by the New England Skeptical Society, which is head by neurologist Dr. Stephen Novella. He hosts a round table of 'rogues' who discuss science news, attack pseudo-science, and lead interviews with guest skeptics such as Adam Savage of Myth Busters or Teller of Penn & Teller magic fame.


The round table remains the same from episode to episode with Robert Novella ("The Nanotech Freak"), Rebecca Watson ("The Skepchick"), Evan Bernstein ("Almost Too Nice to Be A Skeptic"), and Jay Novella ("Master of Satire"). Like most podcasts, it sprung from 

out of a living room, and it takes a couple of listens to really get into the groove of the amateur broadcast sound. But once you are in, it becomes a warm, safe place where intelligent people are speaking intelligently, with enough comfort with each other to spot it with legitimate humor.


Master Magician, James 'The Amazing' Randi, also contributes with a weekly segment called "Randi Speakes". Here he tells a tale looking back on his extremely storied past as a veteran skeptic. The James Randi Educational Foundation is also credited in the show as a grant contributor.


The shows are a fast hour-plus long. Perfect for listening to relax with their stories or to stimulate your mind with their facts. Highly recommended.