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Team America

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Team America


This movie is so mind-bendingly funny that the care in production values almost doesn't seem to fit. Who would put so much time, money, and effort into the flawless execution of a low brow movie staring marionettes?


In the style of the 1960s British television classic, 'Thunderbirds', it is an international action adventure all shot with horrifyingly articulate puppets, with no intention of hiding the strings.


Team America

Much like the country of America, Team America polices the world of terrorism with no provocation, and overzealously destroys whatever part of the world they are in, in the process. When they lose a member of their team, their new recruit is a famous Broadway theater actor, who will lead them into undercover operations around the world.


There is so much here to talk about, but its attention takes away from 100 other things equally funny and worthy of mention. Just go see it, and don't be utterly SHOCKED when your jaw hits the ground during a scene of the most graphic puppet sex you've ever seen.