Sketching in Chatsworth

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Sketching in Chatsworth



Last night, Rick and I went all the way out to Chatsworth to partake in the 3rd Anniversary of 'Sketchbook Sessions '. It is a little group of people who converge on a single place for one night out of the month to get together and draw. The main draw for me to attend was actually catching up with an old college friend, Kir, who is a founding member.


It was a good time, with lots of drawing flying around the house. The novelty of getting together to draw in this situation is supposedly to draw in each other's sketchbooks. I'm a big proponent of that, dedicating many pages of my own books to interesting people I've met over the years. But after hearing so much talk about 'dicks' and people accusing others of being 'homos', I realized that we were in the wrong room of the house to hand over a book for people to express themselves in. I'm sure there were other people there who weren't intellectually indistinguishable from a special-ed gym class, but we were planted and didn't find them.


I guess that's the crowd you get when you open up your home to draw in the middle of nowhere on a Saturday night in LA.