'Popular Science's Future of...' Season 1 Premier

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Motion Graphics/ Visual FX/ Animation/ Production Design


Just one week away! Tune into the Premier episode of the first season of Popular Science magazine's new TV show, 'Future of... SUPERHUMANS' on Discovery's Science Channel - Monday, August 10th 9pm ET/PT  8pm CT.


Working as the Director of Animation, My personal contributions were designing the look and creating all of the special effects for the live action 'Pre-creations' of future technology and all of the animated diagrams and characters throughout the show. 


The first season consists of 10 fantastic episodes, kicking off with the 'Future of... Superhumans'! As the episodes air I will try my best to update the ATOMIC ROCKET to showcase the huge amount of work I've been lucky to contribute. Tune in every week and discover the Future of all these other fascinating topics (in no particular order):

  • Superhumans
  • Security
  • Play
  • Combat
  • Immortality
  • Pleasure
  • Habitat
  • Sex
  • Connecting
  • Adventure

Visit the official Pop-Sci Future of website here: