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Megan's Bees

Tattoo Design 


My friend Megan decided to get her first tattoo and I was lucky enough to bee asked by her to design a version for her consideration!


The story behind it seems simple enough: she's afraid of bees, so it's sort of a totem she's getting put on her body to help overcome her fear.


The target size was to bee about the size of a quarter, so it seemed appropriate to do a profile design, being able to recognize the silhouette of the bee at various sizes.


Discussion went back and forth as to a bumble bee or a honey bee, and we both decided a bumble bee would bee the way to go. I wasn't entirely sure how a purely fuzzy design would look at the size of a quarter, so I made an modern, alternate version with fewer lines, and harder edges.





Below I added a link to a high resolution jpg file, perfect for printing. It has both of Megan's Bees at various sizes, black and white line art and in color, and a quarter sized circle for reference. It is zipped for easy downloading. If you use it, shoot me a message and let me know. Send me a picture and I'll post it here!