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Pirate Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo Design 


The Russian's been talking a lot about getting a half sleeve tattoo on her arm, and wanted it sailing themed.  Of course being obsessed with sailing and being a real pain in the ass, she has an affinity towards Pirates so that's where we started with the design.


It took a very long time to come up with the design, and even then, it is probably just a transitional design to figure out what a final would use or not. It is the distillation of a laundry list of ideas and themes: squids vs octopi, anchors, flags, banners, nautical stars,… 


An early idea was to create an entire story out of the tattoo. Portraits of characters intertwined in nautical rope. Treasure chests and lost keys. Very elaborate.


In the end, this is the evolution of the design. The ship is the front of the bicep, and the octopus is the inside of the arm. When the final tattoo is gotten, I'll get a picture and post it here, though it may not resemble these illustrations at all!