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Halloween. It's a hot or cold holiday to participate in. More times than not, I do not do the costume thing, but when I do I try to go all out.


This year the Russian wanted to do a couples thing, so it seemed like a good opportunity to do something fun. What we decided to do was an homage to Sci-fi B-Movies of the 1950s.


She created a pin-up style space cadet costume inspired by my tattoo, Bernadette. To go in the complete opposite direction, I decided to make what would look like a crudely made robot costume. The goal was to make something visually impressive, but simple and low budget.


The gist of it was based on the perfect helmet. The core of 1950s robots is that they normally didn't have faces. Even though most of them were human shaped and sized, and essentially humans in jump suits, their faces were machines!


I created mine by picking up a straining bowl and poking some battery powered LED lights through the wire. I thought it would be cool if the head looked like a bullet -- longer front to back, instead of round like a head or human like helmet. So for the back I got a mixing bowl. The only thing missing was the middle of the helmet, where I'd put my head! For that, I attached the front and back to webbed kitchen mattes for the insides of drawers that I found at the 99¢ store. It was all held together with industrial strength velcro, so that I could readjust things to get a proper fit.


I wore a black ninja hood under the helmet for while, but it was too dark to look through so I cut the face out and only used it to cover my head and neck. The base of the costume was just a black two piece work out suit I got at target -- actually the exact same kind I got in green last year for my green arrow costume.


Out of a piece of cardboard I had laying around, I cut out some shoulder pads and covered them, and an old fanny pack (to carry my wallet and keys) with silver liquid lame, just letting it drape like low budget movie costume. I then added flexible dryer tubing to my arms and the costume was DONE.


Check out the pictures below to see the REAL PLACES I've sighted the REAL ROBOT at.