Vibro Champs, 'I'll Do Anything' Video Release

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Vibro Champs Music Video Release

Music Video Release

Vibro Champs/ I'll Do Anything


Tonight I finally got a copy of the new Vibro Champs CD, Mr. International! It's been a long time in the making, I should know because it contains the Music Video I directed for their single 'I'll do Anything' as a video file on the CD.


Of course you can't get a copy of the video when you buy the album on iTunes [BUY HERE], but you can see it here, on the ATOMIC ROCKET or on YouTube! To get a tangible CD copy with the music video on it, you'll have to track them down yourself. I suggest trying to see them in concert because they are always a great show.


When you get a chance, head on over to YouTube and let them know how you like the video or not.