Xmas Card 2009

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Xmas Card 2009

The Annual Christmas Card: 2009


It's that time of year again, which means time for another self absorbed xmas card!


This year was all about tattoos. For some reason in the past few months, I've been designing a lot of tattoos for people, so it inspired the theme for the card. Of course this all happened before I discovered Krampus! That would have changed everything since I cannot ever imagine doing anything but Krampus oriented things for the holidays, ever again. WHY WAS THIS KEPT FROM ME!?


Anyway, the idea was to make a realistic looking tattoo for the card. This entailed designing a tattoo -- illustrating and coloring it -- and then using photoshop to composit it onto a photo of my arm to look somewhat realistic. I even added some palm trees to the background to give it that Southern California feel. DOYOUFEELIT?


For added measure I included the clean version of the illustration to the back of the card, and included it at the bottom, here. I hope you enjoy the card and the rest of the Krampus Season!





2009 was a good year for firsts and returns. Got to return to getting the hell out of LA for a little while. Hung out in Milwaukee for a bit to see my friends and their kids -- reminding me how happy I am that they are my friends and how happy I am that they are not my kids. Rolled through Chicago a couple of times, hung out in Vegas while my Dad got a brand new bionic hip, and even made it back to New York, where I actually became home sick walking around my old neighborhood in Brooklyn.


In May, the first ever comic book that I wrote came out and it sucked. I started teaching myself to paint and that has been going slightly better. Online I discovered my entire high school is on Facebook and that it's really easy to get about 1 Billion teenage girls to follow you on Twitter if they find out you were in the right hot tub with the right people.


In the world of work, I got to do a whole bunch of crazy stuff, which is what always keeps things interesting. Pompeii prostitutes of the past and robotic sex-bots of the future were just a couple of jobs I got to lend my hand in portraying. There were ghosts, robots, flying ships, and primitive art -- pretty much every day life sitting around my apartment, come to think about it. Most significantly I got around to re-launching my website, The ATOMIC ROCKET (www.atomicrocket.com) where all of my exploits are regularly documented -- in case you don't want to wait for the Xmas card every year!


There have even been a couple of near successes, including a peripheral association to an Academy Award Nomination where Time Magazine gave me a back handed compliment for designing the T-Shirts in the movie MILK, and a tram full of tourists at Universal Studios excitedly waved to me while I was working on the back lot, which made it seem to me that they all deserved their money back.


Getting pulled into the world of tattoo design recently inspired this card (of course that's not a real tattoo, but if someone is willing to get it, I'll pay for it!), and has also helped resolve my interest to try out some new things I've never done before in the next year, like clothing design, illustrating a comic book or six, and embark on a couple of TOP SECRET projects, one of which has already inspired NEXT YEAR'S CHRISTMAS CARD!


Until next time, here's wishing you and your family all the best through the Holiday Season and all of the New Year!