Xmas Card 2003

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Xmas Card 2003

The Annual Christmas Card: 2003


For a long time I've been wanting to do something a bit more fun in terms of xmas cards, so I've ventured into designing my own instead of just throwing a photo out there. But of course my design went through so much revision that it came back to being all about the photo anyway.


The most fun aspect of the design this year were the matching stamps I had made and the secret limited run of matching christmas tree ornaments I sent out to select people -- mostly family as they have guilt on my side if they were to toss them out.







Season's Greetings,


For a lot of people who last heard from me, another year has passed, and then some!  The year of '3' was a success and generated a lot of great adventures.


Work took me to places I used to live, like Minneapolis and New York, where I worked so much I didn't even see any of my friends that still live there. But I did also get to visit Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Milwaukee, where I did so little that I didn't even see any of my friends that still live there.


For some reason, '3' also entailed being mistaken for various celebrities, such as a girl who thought I was AJ, from the Back Street Boys and requested that I sign her face, or the odd little man that followed me into the bowels of a parking garage because he thought I was James Hetfield of Metallica. By November, though, all was validated when someone actually CORRECTLY recognized me as 'that guy singing Karaoke the other night'.


It's about time -- I sing my ASS off!


When I'm actually being productive, I do a lot of Motion Graphics work and post production for films and videos. I even got to dress up as Bigfoot for an awards show on VH1 (because the producers couldn't find anyone else big enough to fit in the costume). 


This is the first year that I ever made a New Years resolution, and it is that I will write and work on my own projects, and in my spare time, maybe I'll do that other stuff.


Until money runs out, and I'll be dressed up as Bigfoot again.


Probably on a street corner.