Xmas Card 2005

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Xmas Card 2005

The Annual Christmas Card: 2005


I've come back to photography for this year's xmas card. It was, as usual, a last second creation. You just can't plan these damn cards, I've discovered the hard way.


The theme for this year is irony! Living in the land of Southern California is a change of scenery having grown up in the midwest where there are four seasons and snow is a part of Christmas. When I was going to college in Minneapolis, I always thought that winter was like living in a snow globe, because it was always 100% overcast so it seemed like you were surrounded by a dome of snow all season long. The exact opposite would be LA so what if I portrayed LA like a snow globe. NOW THAT'S IRONY!


With a little photoshopping and searching for pictures of Los Angeles on the Internet I was able to create a little snow globe scene and then draw in snow OUTSIDE OF IT. IRONY! I'm most proud of that snowflake design. Tell me that doesn't look like a real snowflake. TELL ME. I DARE YOU!






Another year, another story of unrest and desperation from Los Angeles!


Early on, work took me back to Hawaii for a video shoot where I spent 10 days running around the beaches and rain forests of Kauai. Then soon after, it was off to teach a Music Video production course at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design for a month.


While in Minneapolis though, one of my very best friends, Victor Lin,  was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It was fortunate to be in town with him because he immediately left the country for treatment. Two months later, it was  back on a plane to attend his funeral in Taiwan. Just 33 years old. Never smoked, never did any drugs, and didn't drink. He was by far the single most talented person I have ever met in my entire life.


Since then, every other friend's accomplishment has a greater meaning. Whether it be enjoying a simple birthday party or a being able to attend the premier of a friend's first feature film in Mexico City.


While the year winds down, things are looking up. I even got to experience snowfall again, on a visit to Baltimore in early December!


As of the 1st of the Year, my good friend Ari and I are finally starting our own development company. Victor was supposed to be the 3rd partner, so in his honor, we are naming the company after his website: Petite Monster.


May the New Year bring you that much closer to all of your dreams, and may the memory of Victor bring you that much closer to those around you.