'It's All About Balance' Book

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It's All About Balance Book

Art Direction/ Illustration/ Design   

Enterprise for Education


I've worked a lot in the medical and education industries so it was a good fit when I got contacted by Enterprise for Education, to work on a project educating kids about diabetes.


Originally I was contacted to animate segments for additional video content that would be included as teaching materials. As we progressed in developing the style and integration of the animated materials, my role was broadened into spearheading the design and visual direction of the 5 book series.


The idea was to illustrate colorful, knockout pages that explained how to avoid, treat, and live with Diabetes. Since the pacific islander population is very susceptible to the disease, and the metaphor for the book was based on 'Balance', we used surfing and tropical island imagery as targeted themes.


For visual style, I thought it would be interesting to design every page turn as a double page layout. Bright colors and make every page different from the others. Make the illustrations and layout complex enough to absorb a reader's attention fully, and be able to spend more time with the information being presented.


Since the layouts would all be double-wide, I thought of them as posters, and then of course fell back to my favorite mid-century modern poster designs of Disney's attraction posters they have around their parks.


This was all for a 'proposed' book, so only the wrap around cover and the first double page layout was completed before it fell away into the limbo of focus groups and publisher's other priorities. Maybe it will rear it's head again one day. Until then I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with the people involved and was fun to work in print again.