BTV 2004 DVD Package Design

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BTV 2004 Package Design

Illustration/ Design: DVD/VHS Cases

In-N-Out Burger


In process to create In-N-Out Burger's BTV 2004 show packaging, we had decided to go in the direction of a 1950s style comic book. Since we needed elements to animate for the titles and show packaging, I decided to draw the elements myself.


The intention was to have a wide variety of elements, and since that much time was going to go into creating drawings, it seemed logical to repurpose them for something else, so I decided that this year I'd make a unique DVD cover for each month, like issues of a comic book.


In this case, each month was not just to appear as a different story, but a different genre, within the broad genre of mid century anthology comic books. When I could, I tried to incorporate INO inside jokes and seasonal themes.


For the back design I tried to create an old comic book advertisement look that could have the copy changed easily. I took a photograph of an associate and halftoned it to look like newsprint and drew an INO hat on some clip art for a second visual element. The fonts, though, are what really pull it all together, front and back.