Black Russian. White Russian.

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B+W Russians

Painting Diptych

"Tales of the Black Russian" + "Tales of the White Russian"


About a full year ago I had an idea for a series of paintings for my 7-Hells body of horror work. A very, very large series. Not large is size, maybe, but large in number.


The issues at the time were: 1) I never painted before 2) the concept would take a lot of custom fabrication after painting and 3) it was obvious that this could quickly become a very expensive experiment.


But here it is. The finished proof of concept and a glimpse at the beginning of the ongoing project that has been gaining steam ever since.


This is a diptych of 24x36 acrylic paintings that represent fake pulp novel illustrations from the 1960s. The pulp novel characters are based off of a sort of universe of pop-culture characters I created. In this case they are the 'Red Sisters'. Russian identical twins that are identified only by the different color of their hair: the Black Russian and the White Russian.


When the paintings are completed, I have them digitized at an extremely high resolution. Taking those scans, I use the computer to design all of the additional elements that would be laid out to complete a paperback book cover.


After removing the original scan from the layout, I then send the file to San Francisco to have the elements printed directly onto thick plexiglass. Then I use that plexiglass to frame them with, creating a layered effect with spacers separating the plexiglass from the canvass.