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Bombshelter Films Logo

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Bombshelter Films


The Austin Texas based filmmaker, Mike Saenz, brought me on board to help create a logo and visual identity for his production company, Bombshelter Films [ ].


The direction he came to me with was a sort of old or vintage looking logo that would be influenced by military and propaganda posters from around WWII. The first couple attempts leaned more towards a Russian Constructivist style, which was probably a bit too much.


Since it actually has the word 'films' in the title, it made sense to create a sort of propaganda film title that may be in front of an old military training film. Check out the final logo card as well as a detail shot to see some more of the smooth retro feel.


I'm looking forward to animating a title sequence using the final design. When it happens, you will be able to read about it here first!