Xmas Card 2010

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Xmas Card 2010

The Annual Christmas Card: 2010


In the never ending struggle to create a new and original holiday card every year, I discovered this year that the trick was to pick the right holiday. So this year, the spotlight turns to the little known celebration of Krampuslauf!


For those of you who may have taken a gander at last year's holiday card post, my very late in life discovery of Krampus was a major let down because I'd already made my cards for 2009.


Well, it all actually worked out very well because a lot of 2010 has been me focusing on my 7Hells series of personal work, which is all retro horror and if Krampus is anything, he's retro horror.


I've now integrated the legend of Krampus into my ongoing series of fairy tale horror illustrations which will be revealed in their entirety in early 2011, so stay tuned. Until then enjoy the latest holiday card and have a great holiday season!




Krampus 7 Hells Xmas Card 2010



Seasons Greetings,


This may be one of the most horrifying xmas cards you've ever gotten – You're welcome!


As always, the year flew by, and it's difficult to try to remember all of the insanity that ensued. For the most part it was the same crazy adventure it always is, working on a billion things at once, jumping from tv show to film to drafting table and back. Animate this black hole, drag that chair with wire, lead those people through an abandoned slaughterhouse in the dark... yadda, yadda, yadda. This year though, I was also able to add a couple of new things to the mix to make things interesting:


First of all, I began teaching in Character Animation at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts). Though I've only got time for one class, it's fantastic being a part of an art school community again, especially one with such talented students.


Second, I've actually made an effort to focus a lot more on my personal work. This is painting, drawing, writing, clothing design and even jewelry. The one thing that ties it all together is HORROR, so consider this holiday card as your introduction to the retro-themed nightmare world I've been constructing for your amusement.


Hopefully your year has been fantastic and the new one right around the corner will be doubly so. Do have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Cool Kwanza, Super Solstice, and of course a Crazy Krampuslauf!


Here is one last special holiday message to all the kids of all my friends who are now a part of getting these specially made cards every year: Yes, Santa is real, and so is Krampus – but only one will come if they hear you crying. YOU DO THE MATH!


Happy Holidays,

 - BILL! 



Krampus Legend