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For a few years now, I've been putting together ongoing series of artwork with the common theme of horror tying them all together.


When it started to become apparent that this past time was becoming more and more important (and large) with no end is sight, I knew that to unveil it to the world I must create a completely separate website.


There was born www.7hells.com ! 


It's been live for a few months, but I decided to take the time to document the website as a project in itself.


As I wrote in the artist statement on the site, my work is about creating worlds, so this website needed to represent the atmosphere and tone that would put all of the contained artwork into perspective.


For this reason I designed a logo, and decided that I would avoid using the artwork itself as elements for the general design (The line of exposition across the top of the page also helps sell it, too!).


The themes I'm playing with are not just horror, but retro horror and nostalgia. The main banner across the top is the solid recurring element on every page, even though it has no utilitarian use. It is simply to keep the tone set.


Using some technical trickery, the top banner is never intended to move, and everything else simply passes behind it. Appearing like a dog-eared book cover or magazine, this is the threshold that only your imagination can cross. Like inside the pages of a book: you can open it, you can visit it, but nothing inside of it can escape.


The basic design is simple enough, basing the idea of my world as a landscape to be explored with dark mysterious clouds accentuating the otherwise emptiness. Where it shifts gears is in the gallery section. This is where the design takes a further literal turn, and represents pages in a magazine. But not just any pages, the pages of gimmicks and ads that are probably the most memorable pages of any old horror book.


The front gallery page is set into gritty black and white, to cleanse your visual palette. Here is where the artwork is introduced in rollovers of the individual galleries that pop with bright colors and clean lines.


The galleries themselves, for now, are simply an archive of the ongoing series of work. There is little hype. Only some explanation. Ideally this will grow and evolve if it needs to. Until then, this is what it is. 


Don't forget to visit www.7hells.com directly and check back often for updates!