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This Vs. That, Episode 02
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This Vs That Ep 02


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

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There are many reasons I love science shows, and but one of those reasons is that I get to work on a lot of them. This new series is called This Vs. That, and compares two different concepts, technology, or ideas together and judges where the benefits may be.


Where I come in is illustrating and animating diagrams to better explain concepts that the hosts talk about. This particular episode dealt with a lot of explosions. Which were divided into two groups of diagrams.


The first diagrams were of the actual explosions themselves. We have cans of beans being heated and a propane tank exploding. Both are intended to be entertaining, so I was given free reign to add some character to the segments.


We went with a high-tech digital look in 3-D space to be versatile down the road with future episodes having god-knows-what needed to be diagramed.







The second set of diagrams were scientific. Not that describing why a can of beans may or may not explode a certain way isn't scientific, but these next couple of diagrams were literally dealing with chemicals and molecular interactions.


The two things that were shown differently here were the molecular changes of both propane and methane when heated. It's all about how many molecules, and what they are comprised of. Hopefully the voice over used in the show clarifies what's happening a bit.