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This Vs. That, Episode 10
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This Vs That Ep 10


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

Hotchkiss Industries


We're back with the latest episode of This vs. That. This is the first completely independent television show I've ever worked on, and it's a fun and interesting time every episode.


This 10th episode needed a few animated diagrams that illustrated concepts in carpet materials, stains, and what it takes to clean up both.


Using what we learned in the prior episodes, we incorporate many of the same styles of 'blue' diagrams, 'yellow' diagrams, and incorporate some custom character animation as well! Peruse the following pages and get a glimpse of what you will encounter in This Vs. That: Club Soda vs Oxy-clean!





The style used for some carpet and oil spill diagrams, incorporates the blue colored graphics that we established in our Propane vs Methan episode, which tries to be simple but still entertaining. I'm sure the final product will be even better when you get to hear the voice over explaining just what the hell is going on!








My favorite diagrams to create for the show are the 'Yellow Diagrams'. Inspired by 'universal' icon signs, the designs are intentionally very simple, so breathing life into them is a challenge, but also very rewarding when it comes together.


There's nothing like making those little ball-headed people do what you want them to do!


And cows.










When we're looking for a reason to breathe even more life into some sort of descriptive concept, I turn to hand drawn character animation. Even though we do a lot of diagraming with  of blood and various particles, we wanted to make the concept of foreign bodies and infection a little more playful and funny. Because in the end, isn't it anyway?