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Because my background is primarily motion graphics and animation, the original sequence I was brought on board to tackle was of magical text flying through the air.


Within the story, our character isn't as focused a reader as she should be, and we had to figure out how to make her struggle visually interesting. The idea was to have her reading, and using a POV, we get into her head and see how the words would literally glow, lift off the page, and dissolve in puffs of smoke around her.


To execute this effect, the art department made prop books and binders with blank pages. They were filmed at various angles and focal lengths, and the best shots were put together for me to add all the text to. Since all the text being shown on the pages was entirely digitally created, we were able to select which words and phrases we would like to effect as we pleased.


Of course that didn't always work out as planned. For example, one of the shots we wanted to use for a close up of a page was of a different book. If you check out the still images on this page, you'll see the similar shot used for two different books, where I not only changed the book cover to match shots, but even added sparkling fingernail polish to her thumb, since she had to be wearing that in the scene!