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Sometimes visual effects are not used to correct anything, but to actually change the content on the screen. In this case our McKenna is taking a test, and as the scene was cut together, it was decided that higher numbers needed to be added to the test to make it feel a bit more dramatic and overwhelming.


Luckily it was only a few shots, and each was very short. The first was in changing the number '3' to an '8'. As Vince Marcello, the director pointed out 'can't we just flip that 3 over to make it an 8?'. I thought that was a great idea, and that's what we did. With a bunch of motion tracking and color blending to make it match the paper.


The real difficulty was in making our '4' into a '14'. As simple as it seems, it was different from the '8' effect as I didn't have anything on-screen to create the number '1' from. So the challenge started at fabricating a number '1' with the correct texture and color, but then had to exist in 3D space, within a shallow depth of field, with a rack focus, color shifts, foreground objects blurring and effecting the element, and then tracking it on a piece of paper that is not consistently moving, as it is a page the is rolling and buckling.


Luckily it was very short.