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This is another interesting content changing effect. For various reasons, sometimes props have to be added or changed in post to correctly portray specific information that wasn't available on the day it was shot. In this case we needed to add a flier to a bulletin board with specific information on it.


First off, I design a flier with a custom logo and bring together the proper information so it recreates the look and feel of a similar flier in a real-world situation.


Once approved, the next step is to create the final version for the shot. This is done just like if we were shooting it in real life -- print it out on a piece of paper! From there I re-scan it into the computer and with it the texture of the paper and the way the ink interacts with the paper itself. It's all very subtle, but important. We don't want it looking fake.


Next we fit it into the shot. You'll notice that the scale is actually way off. Adding an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to the board with scale that matches the focal length would turn everything out of proportion, so I frame it so that it's covering up tell-tale scale references like the blue plastic clip. You'll also notice that there is a very shallow depth o field working against us manipulating the paper star in the foreground. The easy choice is to frame our page behind it and make the depth of field work for us by turning the foreground star into a compositional depth-cue.


Lastly I polish it with a slight grade to add some accurate light variation and play with the focal plane hitting our page to integrate it into the scene better. in this quick shot, no one will ever be the wiser.