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These couple of shots are actual time lapse shots that are then manipulated further to depict what we need.


In our first shot, we wanted the skyline of Seattle to appear to lapse over the course of an entire night. The original footage never went very dark, so some day-for-night color correction was added, with smooth transitions in and out of it. The big problem, then, is that the buildings need lights. And not only do they need lights, but they need to change over time, as if it were over the course of an entire night into morning! So, yes, every single individual light was drawn into the buildings, and then were turned on and off to make it look random and natural as if people were selectively bustling through the city while it sleeps. Adding a final camera move to the shot helps marry the imagery all together.


The second shot is more static, and properly color timed, but we needed to add the menace of a storm coming through. In the foreground I added rain gradually increasing in intensity and in the background added a subtle but important lighting strike to punctuate our tension. With a thunder clap added in sound design, the shot will be complete.