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This Vs. That, Episode 4
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This Vs That Ep 4


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

Hotchkiss Industries


Returning to the fourth episode of the independently produced televisions show, This vs That, we now tackle Hybrid vs Combustion Engine cars.


There were a few different, minor, things I got to do for the episode. But since they were mostly little FX polishes or composited images, I'm only going to focus on a couple larger creations used in the show.


First off is a map of natural gas refineries around the country. It's a simple map of the United States, with icons popping up here and there while also displaying where the veins of natural gas are distributed.

This style embraced the black and yellow 'industrial sign' theme that the series uses in its logo packaging.








Staying consistent with the color palette, the next addition to the episode is a bar graph displaying the ratio of Hybrid cars sold, specifically comparing all others to the Prius.


Of course any monkey can make a bar graph using various means, so when I'm called in, it's usually for something with a bit more flare. In this case we wanted to add some character to the graph, and create some drama and weight to the results. With a little effecting and some wavering animation, we got our point across.