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First off the bat in setting up the look and feel of the show, for me, is creating a title sequence. Since the show hadn't been created yet it was a big collaborative effort between the producers, the executives, and myself to inturrpret a common vision.


During this process we created over a dozen sets of boards for the open, ranging from various degrees of science and seriousness to sex and playfulness. In the end it was a pleasant surprise that they picked my favorite set of boards, and we rapidly pushed ahead on a retro-educational film look.


The music that was composed by Scooter Pietsch [ ] as the title sequence early on was an absolutely incredible interpretation of the title sequence. I think the music may have changed for the final broadcasting, but it is what I listened to to help inspire the rest of the package, so I'm playing bits of it with some of these graphics.


Other than that there was only one last minute change made to the final title card for broadcast -- a decision I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH. The original is what you see here, as it was designed, originally approved, and intended. If you watch the show on TV maybe you'll notice the difference yourself.