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An aspect of the show package that editors and producers can wield with great power are the Backgrounds and Transitions.


Usually backgrounds are subtle fields of looping animation to be used behind text or information that needs to be displayed. Well on this show, the backgrounds are big and bright and in your face, to be used behind text or information that needs to be displayed. That is pretty much the standard tone of this particular show.


The transitions are simply visual queues to hide an edit within. For example we have our infamous boob-atom from the title sequence, which rushes toward frame, fills the screen, then recedes back to where it came from. Wherever a transition fills the screen, we can hid the cut of an edit behind. It then appears that it hides one shot, and instantly reveals another.


The second approach for these particular transitions is hiding a wipe. Based off of our bikini girl in the title sequence, the body simply slides across the screen. An actual wipe transition is hidden behind the element so that there is a different clip, one being hidden and a second being revealed, on each side of the figure. Since we have a variety of themes within the show, I designed a number of different male and female forms to be used as transitions to keep with a particular genre or tone. You can see a variety of those below.