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Over the course of so many science experiments, there is a good chance that they would require visual graphics to represent information while it is being recorded.


This information could include heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, sexual arousal, or really anything that can be measured.


Since these little graphics are meant to be used by the editors, they need to be self contained and simple. They have enough to worry about than graphics issues.


The key to creating these things, then, for versatility are simple. First off make them larger than they need, because scaling them down and sticking them on the screen where they want is easy. Make a left and right version, so that the arrow pops on the correct side and can be attached to a source they like. There's no reason in making them flip a single sided graphic, since the layout of icon vs. text/information would then switch and be inconsistent.


The final key is creating a build up of graphic intensity that spans over a good piece of time, and render it out at around 90fps, which is 3 times more information than they would normally need. The length of time allows them to manually speed it up if they need it, and the extra fps allows them to slow it down without losing information.