Xmas Card 2007

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Xmas Card 2007

The Annual Christmas Card: 2007


It was a late night. For too long, it looked like the Professor and Mary Anne had committed a crime of passion in my dining room. Grass matting. Fishing nets. Piles of bamboo. Two weeks of hard work had finally culminated to the completion of my Tiki Room in my new apartment.


All of this work had been a distraction from any other personal project I may have wanted to pursue, including my annual xmas card. So what better time to finally get inspired to put together a xmas card? MOMENTS AFTER THE TIKI ROOM WAS LAUNCHED.


It was a much easier card than in past years, since there was little to illustrate or design. The hard part was just in setting up my tiny Digital Elph camera on a timer, forcing the auto focus on the Santa Doll, and keeping it on the full optical zoom to get some great goddamn depth of field.




There is absolutely NO photoshopping done to the photo. Just added text and mailed them out!



Xmas Card 2007




"...that's the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day", so ol' Bing told us (in between bouts of beating the hell out of his kids). You and I may not live in Hawaii, but that doesn't mean we can't live LIKE it!


It's been a couple of years since I sent out cards. Been busy, busy, busy. Here is a run down of what's happened since 2005: Have been mistaken for the singer of Metallica too many times to count. Became a temporary subject for a reality TV show about my life. Spoke at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design commencement ceremony (10 years after I was class speaker at my own graduation!). Grabbed Craig's face. Appeared in a real paparazzi photo of Mischa Barton.


Shaved for the first time in 7 years - it was grotesque and will never happen again. Threw out my handmade Ewok costume - freeing me to move on to even better things since making it was probably the single greatest thing I've ever done with my life. Started a development company with Ari and sold some shows. Had Haily Duff take a picture of ME. Moved. Finally sold my 49' Chevy - the bane of my existence. And most recently, I took the damn picture on the front of this card, alone in my apartment in the middle of the night. Infinite effort for minimal gain. The story of my life. 


Until next year...