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True Blood Shirt

T Shirt Design: Television Show



Alan Ball has a new TV show coming to HBO starring Anna Paquin. It's called 'True Blood', and is based off the line of vampire novels called: "Southern Vampire Mysteriesz' by Charlaine Harris.


The great twist to it, apparently, is that the main vampires seem to be white trash. Living in the south, out in the open among humans.


I know what you are thinking: DUDE, let's see some vamps in some HEAVY METAL shirts! Well your wish is my command.


Actually, the wish was from Costume Designer Danny Glicker. He wanted to put a vampire in a heavy metal shirt, but they have to legally 'clear' it. Since that's time consuming, and sometimes just plain difficult to track down the rights, that's where I come in.


Since I'm a Heavy Metal fan, and my work is about targeting specific eras and styles, he had me come up with a design for a mid 90s Metal shirt that has no connection to any real band. And of course he needs it the next day.


At a loss for any models, I turned my camera on myself and created a King Diamond/ Alice Cooper inspired front man, and called the band HELLION! Get into it! Notice the design is already stressed so that it looks like it's 15 years old already when it's printed on a brand new shirt.


UPDATE: You can see stills from the episode HERE