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Back when I was a skater kid, before I grew and became too tall to be on wheels, I wanted to make STICKERS! That was the way you customized your board and everything else you owned in high school.


Well, I sat down and made a ton of horrific illustrations: werewolves perched on city rooftops, faces stretched on racks of hooks, skulls and all sorts of other strange shit. 


I called my 'company' "7 Hells", but it was cost prohibitive for a 16 year old to try to get the product made. So, it never went past being a stack of pen and ink drawings on my drawing table.


Cut to: MANY years later.


After not drawing for a REALLY long time, I decide that at some point in my life I want to achieve the goal of illustrating the cover of a major comic book. Just one, once. And they don't even have to pay me. I'd just love to do it. Anyway, since I don't really draw at a professional level, I figure I better start practicing for christ's sake.


The next thing i know I'm struggling to draw this horror themed drawing for a friend, and I realize that I am actually enjoying it -- and I don't want to stop! So here we are -- in the age of not just 7 Hells but wwww.7Hells.com. And not only can you get stickers, but a bunch of other equally useless stuff with MONSTERS on it all!


There are only a few designs up now, but if you have any feedback or ideas of interesting classic-horror illustrations, let me know.