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Since SES just ended a couple of weeks ago, questions have arisen and I thought Id take the time to formally explain the BILL! Rude Fan Club (BRFC):


I did not start the BRFC. It started out as a prank when I was working in Minneapolis in 2005. A group of people made shirts with my face on them. There was then a demand for more, and I helped roll it into an online store where you can buy BRFC merchandise and 100% of the profits get donated to the Minneapolis College of Art + Design's pre-college high school program: Summer Expressions Sessions [ ].


I did not start the BRFC myspace group. It is run by Gerbz, who is also the ringleader of the shirt prank. I DID join the BRFC myspace group as it's 100th member [ ].


I DO own the URL, and have donated it to be used for the BRFC official site. That is where the store lies as well as other odd material.


That is the story. It is all for a good cause, so consider joining and sending them a picture of yourself in a BRFC shirt.