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Minneapolis Walker Art Center


Because Ari Fishman, Chris 'Doc' Wyatt, and Sean C. Covel had all come to town to help teach SES, the Walker Art Center invited them to speak and tell their tales of being successful producers. And since I seemed to be the common connection to all of them, I was allowed to moderate and ask them the weird questions nobody else would know to ask.


The Walker runs a tight ship, and I can't say enough about how well the event was run and organized. We sort of appeared in town out of thin air, and they threw together a sold-out event in the matter of days. Every single person I dealt with at the Walker was fantastic, professional, and equally personable.


You can watch the panel HERE




On the other side of the coin, we agreed to promote the event with MPR's 'The Current - 89.3', under the explicit condition the interview with them be about WHY we were all in town, which was the SES program to teach teenagers, and we even cleared it to bring along Wes Kobernick, sound mixer genius, since he was also one of our team that came in from out of town.


In a nutshell, I can honestly say that the Current was the most unprofessional waste of time I have ever encountered in my entire professional career.


The Current producer, Stephanie Curtis, was so star struck by the idea that 'hollywood' producers who made Napoleon Dynamite were available, she was practically standing beside herself. Even after days of setting the interview segment up and agreeing on all the points, she dropped the surprise that only 2 of us were allowed into the interview (out of the 5 of us that showed up) and smugly proclaimed that Ari, having produced the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for 7 1/2 years, wasn't interesting enough to represent the group.


Mary Lucia, the interviewer, then followed up that she had already done research on Sean, and insisted that it only be the Napoleon Dynamite producers. Well, as it turned out, the 'research' she had done was reading the Star Tribune column that had interviewed Sean earlier that week. Then, of course the interview itself was merely Mary Lucia's own starry eyes in the face of Napoleon Dynamite, so no matter how hard Sean and Doc tried to steer the topic back to SES and why they were in town, she would only ask questions about working in Hollywood and meeting cool people.


My favorite part of the interview was Mary Lucia, this empty headed moron, making prejudiced jokes about Mormons and Utah, to the Mormon producer of the Mormon made movie, with the Mormon cast, that she couldn't stop patting herself on the back for getting in the same room with.


Oddly, this section was cut from the final broadcast.