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Physical Assault


It was June 6th, 2006 -- that's 6/6/6 for the superstitious and heavy metal lovers.


To think back to when I was a metal head teenager, pondering my future, and wondering -- what am I going to do on 6/6/6 -- I don't think that physically accosting my friend during the taping of the Price is Right would have been even a distant idea.


But that's what happened. Sean C. Covel rounded up a group of people to go to a taping of the Price is Right. It was an all day event. Starting at 6am and ending in the afternoon. Getting tickets. Signing in. Sitting around. A lot of sitting around.


It was really fun to enter the stage, because it looked like the set had stopped in time 30 years ago.


Bob Barker was fantastic, and really a great personality. No wonder he NAILED so many of the show girls from the show.


The climax of the day, though, was when Sean's name got called as a contestant. I immediately picked him up off the ground. As he was in my arms, like a child, I found that I wasn't able to carry him all the way up to the front of the stage to place him in his position. This was due to a mother and son sitting next to me, with great fear for their safety in their eyes.


What is incredible is the amount of time I was accosting him before the camera's even found us. But I did get a few good slaps to his back before setting him free.


And for the record, Sean did win that gigantic clock.






UPDATE: 1 year to the DAY that we appeared on the Price is Right, 6/6/07, Bob Barker's LAST SHOW was taped. Coincidence? I think NOT.