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Skeletor Book


Rick's Birthday


Rick loves Skeletor.


Rick loves Skeletor almost as much as he loves his cinder-block brained cat, Puffy.


Everyone who has known Rick for any length of time knows this about him, and because he went to art school, he has a collection of Skeletor Illustrations that people have given him.


So when his 30th birthday rolled around, we decided to put the word out that we were going to compile a book of Skeletors for him. From far and wide people rose to the opportunity to draw, paint, sketch, and render the villain of the Masters of the Universe.


The most impressive display, though, is the collection of over 70 cartoons and paintings that illustrator Mark Martin [ http://mmartinillustration.com/ ] did for the book. His contribution covers multiple pages, every page of which makes you laugh out loud at least once.


As you can imagine, Rick's love of Puffy, his pure-bred persian cat, spilled over into the book as well. When I first started my own rendition of Skeletor, the sketch was very plain and boring (hell, I was just concerned wether I could draw the damn guy or not). Then I remembered the only thing less interesting than my drawing is Puffy. Since two wrongs make a right, I added Puffy into the drawing as his war-beast steed (replacing Skeletor's normal giant feline Panthor).


The most difficult thing, as always for me, was coloring the drawing. This was the first time I tried to color a drawing on a computer, and it took a long time. I'm pretty happy with the results, and it's inspired me to want to draw more -- though not necessarily color more.


Download the PDF of Rick's Big Book of Skeletor's HERE!






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