BTV 2003 WWYD? Set

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BTV 2003 WWYD? Set

Title Design/ Production Design/ Miniature Construction: Industrial Video

In-N-Out Burger


As part of the redesign of the Burger Television packaging, What Would You Do?, the BTV Game Show, went real world for 2003. We had an idea to make a classic game show set, so instead of trying to generate it on a computer, I sat down and created a hand made model to shoot.


It was put together in only a couple of days. I came up with a logo for the sign and a color scheme for the set. A crude illustration of the set was thrown together in the computer, and off I was to the craft store.


Most of it was standard construction paper rubber cemented to foam core. Then some plastic jewels and metallic paper was added to give it some flash.


The final part of construction was finding a string of lights tiny enough to not look like tiny lights. They needed to play for actual sized bulbs so they couldn't have fluted tips or overly conspicuous filaments.


Add a wide angle lens and some atmosphere and you've got yourself a convincing set. In post I was able to make some mattes to make the doors open and close on the main Logo.