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Zombie Whale

Illustration: T Shirt Design

The Dawn and Drew Show/ 7 Hells


On Christmas day I was working (yes, I worked all day on Christmas), and listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Dawn and Drew show [ www.dawnanddrew.com ].


The show is essentially Dawn getting angry and yelling at her husband Drew for no rational reason. It is amusing because both of them are really funny and really nice.


Anyway, Drew is notorious for coming up with 'grandpa jokes', and on christmas day I listened to him come up with an instant classic. A reference to a Zombie Whale, and how it would say BRINE instead of BRAINS. 


Even Dawn had to give his genius credit for this.


He then declared that he would make it into a t-shirt, and I immediately jumped on e-mail to him and declared that I wanted to draw it.


By the end of the evening, and since it was Christmas and I figured I should do more work, I had a design done and Drew accepted it and now the magic exists at www.zombiewhale.com where you can not only get t-shirts, but also hear the clip that spawned a decomposition.