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When you get a call from the Orkin man, you answer it. In this case, it was a call for a website to be made to highlite and track the career of his alter ego, Wayne Yorke.


I normally don't do web sites. Back in 1995, it was exciting because it was new and the limitations made it a challenge. Everything you did was precedent setting. Now-a-days, web designers are essentially the equivalent of brochure designers. Everything had already been done, evolution has decided the best way to layout information, and technology has made everything simple to execute.


What drew me to Wayne's site, was his style. He knew I was a retro specialist, and he explained his love of classic hollywood. By the end of our conversation he had me throwing out ideas, and that's when you know you've booked yourself.


For the design, we couldn't get too crazy, since it needs to be stylish but simple enough for an idiot (movie/television executive/agent) to find whatever information they need.


What I decided on was simply to dedicate my time to making a big visual splash for each section by making a unique lobby card to head up each section. So we decided on the theme for each of the sections, and then tried to have a little fun with the genre. My favorite part was making the Hirschfeld styled caricature of Wayne. I did it entirely in Adobe Illustrator, knowing that I'd have to make a lot of revisions along the way.