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Illustration/ Design: Website


The exciting things happening with web development these days are web apps. Putting together an online interface to an application. That, and the trend of networking sites is bringing together interesting niches for people to take part in.


When I got the call from Scripped, it interested me because of my connection to the film industry -- it happens to be an online screen writing community and web app. Web design is of little interest to me, but having a go at giving a polish to a social network concept and then on top of that, have a go at GUI design for a web app, I agreed to do a pass.


What I tried to do for Scripped, was to take the component concept of web design, and then add texture and variety to it. Give it a warm feel, since people are encouraged to spend a lot of time directly logged into the site itself, and actually be creatively engaged in writing.


Taking on a 1930s feel to the design, I wanted a playful feel that idealized being behind the scenes of the silver screen. Like  you're sitting in a bungalow on a back lot somewhere.


There was some dramatic abandonment of the design when the back end programmers got a hold of it. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'll steal the design for something else in the future!