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Putting together a website for a client is always 1/2 design and 1/2 content organization. The latter is really the important part, because changing the design down the road is much easier than having to re-organize things on some global level.


When Asgaard wanted a site designed, it was with the intention to be expandable as more and more projects of theirs came to fruition. Yet at the same time, it needed to be able to highlight specific, individual projects, or aspects of them.


Because film production by its very nature works slowly, it was important to keep the front page fresh, and not allowed to gather dust to visitors who may have not visited again for a while. Also, the site needed to be easily updatable by multiple people, so an ease of use back end was necessary.


Sice the production company exclusively uses Apple Mac computers, I built templates with iWeb pages built into them, containing all the content. You can see this especially in the photo galleries on the projects page. It actually worked out really well.


This is probably the slickest website I've ever done graphically and technically. An overall simple, elegant feel. I'm not quite sure why they never used it!