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'Avengers Assemble' Title Sequence

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October 01, 2013

Avengers Assemble Title Sequences

Title Design:Television Show
Product Factory/ Marvel/ Disney


Rippling in the success of the Marvel movies, and especially the Avengers, Disney has launched a new animated TV series bringing all those heroes together again: Avengers Assemble.


This short and sweet title sequence was a final pass at what already included great proposed concepts by other designers, but who had far more pressing responsibilities than to keep going back to the drawing board again and again.


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'An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky" Title Sequence

Galleries - Motion Graphics

July 15, 2013

American Girl Title Sequences

Title Design: Feature Film
Universal Studios/ NBC/ Mattel


Here we are again! The second in a series of American Girl movies directed by Vince Marcello, I was kindly asked back to design the titles and again handle the majority of the visual effects.


The angle for the title sequence was to establish our main character as an artist and that she lives in the South West. Juxtaposing the footage of New Mexico landscapes with stylized high-speed, macro footage of drawings and pastels, my approach was to use texture to tie it all together.


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'An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky" VFX

Galleries - Motion Graphics

July 12, 2013

American Girl VFX

Visual Effects: Feature Film
Universal Studios/ NBC/ Mattel


We are back! Hot on the heels of the success of 'McKenna Shoots for the Stars', there is a new American Girl in town and she's painting the sky.


There were so many VFX shots worked on in this picture that I have not even bothered including, or really mentioning them all here. It consisted of the standard trappings of sky replacements, image enhancements, seamless split screens, lots of image stabilizations, reflections, and object and wire removal.


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'Arrested Development' VFX

Galleries - Motion Graphics

May 27, 2013

Arrested Development VFX


Visual Effects: Television Series

Shape Shifter/ Netflix/ Imagine Entertainment


As you may guess, a TV show known for being a masterpiece of character and comedy doesn't need very many obvious effects. The effects it does need will usually fall into the category of 'correctional', and if done right, will not even be apparent.


In this case the guys over at Arrested Development needed a late in the game extra hand on a single outstanding shot. Turned out a rogue light stand needed to be removed from a shot.


Classic corrective VFX shot.



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'Prince Releasing' Production Card

Galleries - Motion Graphics

March 22, 2013

College Tuition ID CardDesign/ Animation: Production Card
Prince Releasing


Here's a short little production card ID for independent film company Prince Releasing.


The style was to encapsulate a middle eastern flavor starting with a faux arabic style logo to design. An interesting dichotomy in production company logos is that not only are they used in this extremely large format context, which entails them being projected across a 50 foot screen in a movie theater, but they are also seen very small. Most production company logos are going to end up as tiny single color images on movie posters as well. So in a nutshell, the simpler the better.


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In-N-Out Burger Bora-Bora Video

Galleries - Motion Graphics

March 11, 2013

In-N-Out Burger Bora-Bora

Design/ Animation

In-N-Out Burger


As part of the ongoing list of incentives and benefits that In-N-Out Burger associates have for working with the company, the annual golden ring to reach for is becoming a member of the 100% Club.


When an associate becomes a member of the 100% Club, they go on an exotic vacation, and BTV puts together a vacation video of the trip for all the participants. In this case, I was able to contribute a title sequence to capture the majesty of Bora-bora.



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In-N-Out Burger Anniversary DInner 2012

Galleries - Motion Graphics

November 07, 2012

In-N-Out Burger 2012 Anniversary Dinner

Title Design/ Animation: Live Event
In-N-Out Burger


As the year rolls on, we recognize anniversaries, and in this case it is the anniversary of everyone's favorite hamburger join: In-N-Out burger.


To celebrate, they put on an anniversary dinner for their associates and recognize accomplishments and all the standard fun to make the night worth while and a joy to be a part of. These days the company spans many different states, as far away as Texas, so attending is meant to be a special occasion.


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"Burden" Political Ad

Galleries - Motion Graphics

October 01, 2012

Burden Political Ad


Animation: Television Commercial

David Byrd Consulting


The second of a pair of Maryland political commercials I worked on was for a ballot initiative on legalizing gambling.


For this project I did a bunch of concept and temp design work which isn't that interesting to talk about. But a quick little finished piece was also animated and that's what this is, here.


The angle was the concept of tax payers already carrying too much of a financial burden, so let's bring in some gambling revenue to help out. Having parents that live in Las Vegas, I understood completely.


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"Dream Act" Political Ad

Galleries - Motion Graphics

September 26, 2012

Dream Act Political Ad

Animation/ Visual Effects: Television Commercial

David Byrd Consulting


Political season came around this time with some fun opportunities to contribute to some campaigning. This in particular was for some Ballot Initiatives that were being voted on in Maryland.


First up was a spot about college tuition money 'leaving' the state. It was literally a sequence of stock photos and voice over for timing.


From there I worked some magic and by using only still photos, tried to create some cinematic shots of columns of money blowing out of the state. A few virtual camera moves, some lighting and atmospheric tricks, with a bit of compositing effort, and we had ourselves a political commercial!


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The Truth About Sex Graphics Package

Galleries - Motion Graphics

September 16, 2012

Truth About Sex

Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show
College Tuition Productions/ Playboy TV


Here is the latest television series I was asked to create the complete graphics package for: The Truth About Sex, for Playboy TV. It is sort of the mythbusters of sex. In each episode a sexual myth is confronted and using science, it is established true or not.


An interesting aspect to this project is how early I was brought in. Normally the graphics package is created in post-production when the episodes are being edited and the filming is over. On this show, though, I was able to be involved from pre-production through post, having a little bit of say and influence over the overall look and feel of the entire series.


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